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Plant trees near the mighty Victoria Falls in Zambia!
At Greenpop, we believe in (re)connecting people with our planet and with each other. Each year during June & July, our Zambia Festival of Action in Livingstone brings people together from around the globe to plant thousands of trees, learn, connect, give back, grow and get active.
Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world – in 2012 we started an ongoing tree planting and eco-education project around Livingstone. Through this project we aim to raise awareness about the area and be part of the solution. The Zambia Festival of Action happens annually to boost our ongoing project and encourage even more people to branch out and be the change.

Watch the Festival of Action 2013 above and all our other Zambia tree project videos here
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Branch out and be the change!

Highlights of Project

■ Help start a reforestation and education process in Zambia; a country with one of the highest deforestation rates in the world
■ Plant fruit trees at schools, which helps with food security and teaches the importance of trees
■ Help promote conservation farming methods to small-scale farmers
■ Learn about climate change, reforestation, and other environmental issues
■ Explore Zambia, a beautiful country in the heart of sub-Saharan Africa
■ Enjoy some of the many activities Livingstone has to offer, such as white water rafting, game drives and more
■ Accommodation and all meals are included

Join us

1. Learn more

- THE EVENT: The Zambia Festival of Action happens over 3 weeks in June/July each year. Sign up and be the first to receive information about the 2016 event HERE
- THE ONGOING LIVINGSTONE PROGRAMME: If you can’t make the Festival of Action in June/July, join our ongoing environmental and eco-education programme – email
with “Livingstone Ongoing Volunteer Programme” in the subject line and let us know which months you’re interested in volunteering.

I dig trees

Zambia – the challenges

Zambia has seen rampant deforestation in recent decades, mainly as a result of bad land management, slash and burn farming methods, unsustainable logging and tree cutting for charcoal. According to the UN-REDD programme, Zambia has approximately 50 million hectares of forest, with an estimated deforestation rate of 250,000 to 300,000 hectares per year.

Greenpop Zambia – our aims

1. Create awareness around the deforestation issue and highlight grassroots solutions that can start being implemented
2. Develop a culture of planting trees within communities through conservation education, and by teaching people how to plant and look after trees
3. Highlight the global value of conserving the world’s natural forests
4. Promote and provide alternative energy sources, so that people can move away from the dependence on charcoal
5. Start reforestation in protected forest sites to replace the pioneer trees, allowing for new growth and regeneration of soil content
6. Educate children on their natural environment, and help feed them by planting fruit trees at under-privileged schools
7. Promote conservation farming methods to replace slash and burn techniques that will stop erosion and soil degradation, and create more cost-efficient farms
8. Start a micro tree nursery enterprise at a selected number of subsistence farms, so that we can provide farmers with an additional income by buying trees from them
9. Create an exciting and stimulating programme of practical work, lectures and workshops for local and international volunteers, through which everyone can share and learn and get actively involved in our environment.

Support Greenpop Zambia

You can contribute to our project by gifting a tree – or lots of trees. Every tree counts! You’ll be assigned a tree in Zambia and sent its GPS coordinates! Click the ‘Gift Trees’ tab to sponsor trees.

Get your company onboard!

Get your company involved as part of your CSR programme or join us as an event sponsor for 2015. Find out what we can offer you in return – email

If you are thinking of getting involved, watch this. Jan McAlpine, Director United Nations Forum on Forests, addresses our Greenpop Zambia project and calls for partners to join us.

Photos and Facts

Photos: 2012 | 2013 | 2014
Project Stats and Summaries: 2012 | 2013 | 2014

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